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tv   CBS4 Morning News-430A  CBS  November 30, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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,, f0 hi, good morning, everyone. welcome to the cbs4 morning news at 4:30. this is the news. it is wednesday, november 30th. i am alan is off today. you will notice it is could as soon as you step -- colder as soon as you step outside. >> temperatures in the teens and 20s around town. in cbs4, the lower teens. meanwhile, 23 degrees currently in denver right now, and hopefully you can hear me, everything seems to be okay with our microphone on this side. 23 degrees. can you hear me?
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dia 14. fort collins at 23. the wind is not as strong this morning as yesterday at this time. still, when you factor in the wind it makes it feel colder. windchill at the airport is zero. feels like 2 in limon and minus 14 in leadville. dry conditions. no chance for any precipitation along the front range. in the mountains there could be a couple of snowflakes today. it's not going to amount much. maybe very minor accumulation over the higher peaks and passes. 9:00a.m., 23. by noon 37 and a high today of 40 with again, less wind. it will feel just a little bit warmer this afternoon than it did yesterday afternoon. let's get over to joel for a check on traffic. good morning. we've been watching up into the high country. good news is the chain and passenger traction restrictions have been lifted as you travel along i-70. still in place u.s. 6 over
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can see why, it will be icy up there. across the denver metro area a lot of green. thank you so much. severe weather overnight in the south kills at least three people. a tornado hit northeastern alabama overnight. there are multiple injuries reported at a center in dekalb county. the video you were looking at is located 75 miles away from birmingham. more than 3500 homes are without power as well this morning. a security guard at a douglas county high school has been arrested, accused of sexually assaulting a student. here's our jeff todd.
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today by the principal at ponderosa high school. it said a member of the security team is being investigated for an inappropriate act. the sheriff's office says it got a report monday that gary postel sexually assaulted a student. he was arrested on two felony counts and one misdemeanor. the school district says it cannot comment on the se investigation and privacy laws. he was hired in september of 2014. earlier this month he was mentioned in a school district newsletter as a rock star, nominated by district leaders, the writeup said "he was someone who truly cares for our student safety and security." this writeup and all information about him has now been deleted from district web pages. >> his next court appearance will be early next year.
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about a cause for the green mountain fire. this one burned 96 acres monday night. it lit up the sky. dozens of homes were evacuated but none of them were damaged thankfully. here's a look at what it was like for some driving out of a deadly wildfire in tennessee which is being blamed for at least three deaths. this video shows three step brothers driving down a road in gatlinburg, tennessee, and you can maneuver through all the thick, dark smoke, making it almost impossible to see what was in front of them. the high winds moved the fire at an alarming speed. >> there were times last night we had wind gusts in excess of 87 miles per hour. that is hurricane force. that is nowhere to be when trying to fight a fire. >> we were sitting in the dark thinking that, you know, everything was fine and the next thing we knew firemen came
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leave, there's a fire close. of course we know now when the winds picked up, they just blew those embers all over and started fires all over the place. >> we are also getting a chance to see the damage the fires left behind. what once were homes are bricks, stones and ashes. emotional testimony during the sentencing for a man found guilty of murder in a crash that killed a colorado state trooper. we heard from the trooper's mother as well as the responsible for the crash. here's our kelly werthmann. >> reporter: life in prison without parole is the mandatory sentence for a first degree murder contradiction. but he was given an additional 140 years in prison for additional counts. it's a sentence the trooper's family says is fair. >> we will live fearlessly in his absence as he watches over us. >> reporter: he was just 21 years old when he was killed in
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end goal. unfortunately, it got taken away from him. >> reporter: taken by christopher gebers who crashed into the trooper. the family and prosecutors asked for the maximum never have to -- not knowing the man you were supposed to be responsible for that day died. >> we've been through some tough times and that is the truth. and i admire your strength as you seem to come out stronger every time. >> i will forever be his mom. but do you know how hard it is to be a mom when you don't get to see your child every day? it's heart breaking.
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life in prison sentence was handed down, he addressed the family. >> i am sorry. if i could take it back, i would, and i'm sorry. >> that was kelly werthmann reporting. other troopers said in court it was difficult to relive what happened in weld county back in may of last year. we'll move on, time to look at what's making business headlines before the opening bell. jill wagner is live floor at the new york stock exchange with this morning's moneywatch report. hi, jill. >> reporter: hey, good morning, britt. oil is the big focus on wall street today. opec ministers are meeting as we speak. yesterday the dow rose 23 points. nasdaq up 11. futures pointing to a higher open. cbs news has confirmed steve
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trump also intends to nominate wilbur ross for -- tiffany sales have been down. there have been protests outside the building and extra security. hamilton the musical set a record for the most money made in a week for a broadway show. >> jill, thank you for that. we are learning more about room in golden. police and a bomb squad evacuated the marriott court yard yesterday afternoon. investigators haven't said what chemicals were found. it is believed they were being used for criminal activity. police are now trying to find the people who booked the hotel room using a fake credit card. there are still some pretty big jobs to be filled for the new presidential administration. we learned yesterday about the
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>> reporter: mitt romney emerged from his second meeting with president-elect donald trump singing his former rival's praises. >> he did something i was trying to do and unsuccessful, won the general election, and he continues with a message of improvements to bring people together. >> reporter: the former massachusetts governor who had dinner with mr. trump in manhattan tuesday night, is said to be on the short list of as is retired tennessee lawmaker bob corker, former cia director david petraeus and former new york governor rudy giuliani. >> i think you're seeing trump wanting to take in all the
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officially nominate steve mnuchin as -- mike pence says the top priority is repealing and replacing obamacare. >> it's time to give people more consumer choices. >> reporter: mr. trump kicks off his victory tour tomorrow in ohio and indiana. yesterday the trump team announced senate majority leader's wife elaine been offered the job of transportation secretary. coming up next, the best types of exercise to help you live longer. it's ahead in our health watch. this is the news on cbs4
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good morning and welcome back. this is the news in health. new research involving younger smokers, all smokers are at risk for heart attack, but a new study suggests younger ones may be especially vulnerable. research shows smokers under age 50 have more than eight attack as nonsmokers. certain types of exercise could help you avoid dying. a new study looked at surveys on more than 80,000 adults. researchers found swimming, raquet sports and aerobics were the best for putting off any cause for heart disease or strokes. a new report finds lack of
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costs the economy up to $411 billion a year. researchers say lower productivity and higher risk of deeing from sleep deprivation have a big impact on the economy. new video out of central mexico where a volcanic eruption was caught on camera. the cloud rose over 1600 feet over the crater. ash fell in nearby nearby towns and people have about getting too close to the volcanic activity due to the toxic gases. let's turn to ashton altieri now. good morning. it is cold outside. >> it is cold outside. we're in the teens and 20s depending where you're at. the good news about today is there's going to be much less wind compared to yesterday. we're also going to get to enjoy more sunshine than we got to enjoy yesterday.
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sunrise. sunset keeps getting earlier and earlier. we have about three weeks of there and when we officially hit winter, the duration of daylight starts to get a little bit longer once again. dry conditions across the state. in the mountains possibly we could have a brief shower, over vail pass, berthoud pass, maybe a snowflakes. any accumulation would be very minor. single digits above and below zero in the mountains. minus 3 7in avon. those are the actual temperatures. in the denver metro area, teens and 20s. compare our current temperatures to where we were yesterday at this time, it's 13 degrees colder here in the denver area. if you thought it was cold when you stepped outside yesterday, be ready for it this morning. you can see a couple of clouds over the high country, but that's it. as we zoom out we were talking about the tornado in alabama, it's from this line of
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in the dakotas and minnesota. this pattern hasn't changed much from yesterday. but the low is a little bit farther away from us today than it was yesterday. that's why we'll experience less wind. the stronger wind will be in nebraska instead the front range of colorado. eastern plains around i'd say sterling up towards holyoke and akron and wray, it's possible you could have a few gusty winds later on today. highs mid- to upper 40s. front range highs will be with again, much less wind. that's the big difference. less wind and more sunshine today. temperatures otherwise won't be different. tomorrow 39. it will be mostly cloudy and friday we struggle to even reach freezing. a few flurries possible in the morning on friday. then, joel, as we like to do, we clear everything out for the weekend, mostly sunny skies saturday and sunday. highs in the 40s. it's so kind of you to do that for us. >> i'm determined every
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see the icy and snowpack conditions we have along this ramp. luckily we're not seeing that completely along the roadway. you saw that car pass by and that gives us a good idea of the conditions that direction. icy and snowpack. no chain and passenger traction restrictions in place, but you should put traction restrictions in place personally, make sure your car is ready to drive up that direction. i-270, maybe a little bit of slowing heading in the eastbound direction out to i- 70, slowing along i-70 as there. construction delays along c- 470, it's in the westbound direction, but also the eastbound direction between quebec and university. joel, thank you. do you remember the ice bucket challenge? it was a 2014 viral sensation that helped raise more than $115 million to fight als. the original bucket that started the movement is on display at the smithsonian.
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media sensation. 17million people, friends and coworkers, along with presidents, billionaires and celebrities. all braving the ice bucket challenge that raised more than $200 million to fight als. it really got started with this. a blue plastic bucket janet she did it for her husband. >> that was the first documented bucket. >> reporter: there's a new exhibit at the smithsonian. >> you look at this and think why would the smithsonian collect a mop bucket. >> it explains our history. >> reporter: it's displayed next to an alms bucket that was
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dimes can. that money they collected would go into a bigger pool of money collected from their community into a bigger pool and bigger pool, so it's not that much difference from the ice bucket challenge. >> it shows when one contribution with so many can make a huge difference. >> seems like the proverbial drops in a bucket. but many of them makes a or from a bucket can become a deluge of good. jan crawford cbs news, washington. when you take your team from 1-8 in conference to 8-1, chances are you're doing something right. mike mcintyre named the pac 12 coach of the year yesterday. cu at number 8 in the latest college football playoff rankings, so everything well and good in boulder. buffs hoping they can keep
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washington friday. good luck finding anybody outside the state who gives colorado a chance. cu a touchdown underdog, but the players say they're okay with that. >> i don't think anyone is picking us to win. i don't think anyone wants us to win. that's totally okay. you know, we know what we're capable of, we know what udub is capable of and we have to play, i wouldn't say a flawless game, but beat a very good team well three all phases. >> kickoff is 7:00 friday
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f0 hi, welcome back. music elicits emotion from us, it's why we connect to a song,
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right song gives her hope. we met at swallow hill music school, where she gets her first singing lesson. she warms up with singing coach molly. her favorite songs come from the movie "frozen" because they are about perseverance and overcoming tough times, she says. she also says she connects to these songs. >> i really want to get adopted. i've been waiting for a long time. but i ca i can wait a little bit longer. >> she is patient, yet hopeful and tells me she wants a family who will love her like one of their own. you can find out more about her and other children looking for adoptive families. the information is at we hope you can help the cbs4 care 4 colorado campaign. we are collecting toys for the boys and girls club.
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tough situations at home. it's when the club becomes like a second club. >> what are some ideas that we have about the fund raising? >> reporter: the keystone club is raising money to go to the national conference. >> we'll also be talking last week. >> reporter: the kids work together to do community service projects. the club also emphasizes academics and career preparation. mary is the president and her best friend, leo, vice president. >> we came at >> same time. >> reporter: mary and leo have been best friends since they started coming to the club nine years ago. >> i think our friendship has been important to both of us because, like, we both have grown together and we've helped each other through problems that we're facing. >> reporter: they don't go to school together, so the only time they see each other is at the club. it's become a bond they've come to rely on. >> without the boys and girls club i wouldn't have that
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like 130%. >> reporter: mary's parents have faced severe health challenges, so at times she's had to take on an adult role. >> this is like my outlet. this is where i can unwind, with all the tension that's been happening at home, i feel like this is, this is my place to show who i am. >> she's an amazing, amazing young woman. that was karen lee reporting. you can help teens like ma and leo have a merry christmas by making a donation to our care 4 colorado toy drive. we have collection bins at participating king soopers stores and here at our studios and the i heart studios. go to the care 4 colorado section of if you already need a break from the holiday stress, why
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diaries. this one-man show is based on a man who worked as an elf at macy's santa land. it focuses on the darker side of the holidays and is for adults. it runs through december 24th at the jones theater at the denver center for the
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,, ,, thanks for joining us on this chilly morning. i am britt moreno. good morning. happening now on the cbs4 morning news, the tennessee wildfire is now responsible for at least three deaths. we'll see some of this dramatic video as people had little time to escape the flames.


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